See what makes Cloudive, Cloudive


Our Infrastructure

State of art design

  • We use the newest and the most stable hardware proven in the market for our infrastructure.
  • Cloudive uses industry leading KVM Virtualization technology.
  • We have developed our own cloud management control panel for maximum flexibility.
  • Our SSD storage array reaches 1.0GBps bandwidth with an incredible 0.2 ms latency. Your servers will virtually fly!
  • Our HDD SAN storage uses RAID 10 array to accomplish full redundancy and speed.
  • Cloudive's network is fully redundant multiple BGP.
  • We use UPS systems as well as diesel generators for maximum availability.
  • Cloudive gives you the full control on your VM. You can manipulate your VM in BIOS level with a KVM console.

Our SSD Storage

Faster, Durable, Uses Less Power, Stays Cool



Our Hardware Vendors

Enterprise level hardware

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